Why Work With Us

Of the many unique qualities of Tax Credit Services, LLC. (TCS) we believe there are significant characteristics that set us apart from the rest. We are confident that by adhering to these values, we will ensure our primary goal – the success of our customers:

Customer Focus – At TCS, our results flow straight to the client's bottom line, as we are dedicated to their profitability. Our focus is to ensure they benefit from every available credit from every possible source.

Best-in-Class Technology – As the cornerstone of TCS, our advanced-technology focus includes a proprietary best-in-class technology system that enables high visibility throughout the entire process to see real-time data, at any time, from anywhere through a secure web-based interface. The TCS Technology System expertly delivers on the promised solutions that has eluded so many.

Hands-On Approach – While advanced technology is a key driver, we realize that we are still in a unique business that requires skilled people to manage the entire process, be accountable and ensure customer satisfaction at all costs. At TCS, we take a hands-on approach with every one of our customers and our customer’s customer. By doing this we ensure that both human and technological best practices are always in play throughout the entire process.

Expertise – We know that nothing makes up for proven experience. Our team consists of a team of experienced customer-focused, service-oriented sales and operations personnel who have established long-term relationships with customers on all levels. The in-depth knowledge of their daily and long term business requirements sets us apart from our competition.

We are proud to be known as a different kind of Tax Credit Company that believes in and continues to provide advanced technology systems, hands-on management and customer focus from highly experienced experts. That is not just our statement but a promise you can count on us to deliver to every customer, every day.