Best-in-class Technology Systems

As the cornerstone of Tax Credit Services, LLC. (TCS) our technology focus includes best-in-class information systems tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our customers and our agents. We’ve designed a proprietary system that is a powerful tool that allows TCS to stand out in the Tax Credit industry.

The TCS technology systems enable maximum control and visibility throughout the entire process providing a pre-qualifier engine, which can automatically detect potential credits as soon as the information is received from the employee.

From the employee to the employer, the TCS technology systems can provide:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Screening
  • Instant tax credit estimates based on your screened applicants
  • Ability to manage multiple locations and divisions
  • Employee data export functionality
  • HR employee management capabilities
  • Email notifications when you have a qualified applicant that needs to provide supporting documentation
  • Mobile-Friendly Tax Credit Screening
  • Individual Branding for your company to provide continuity for your applicants and reassure them that they are still interacting with your company

With the TCS Technology Systems, you get to customize your level of involvement in the process of administering the credits. You can utilize the system merely to get estimates of your tax credits or you can be fully involved with the running of the system; whether you chose to implement paper screening, web screening or phone screening, our technology systems will be updated with all of your screened applicant's information so that you can access it at any time anywhere...securely.

To ensure that all data is received in a timely manner, the TCS system provides automated notices on required data to help ensure that no credits are lost. Reporting on the site also helps to provide a “bigger picture” of the overall status of the tax credit program for your organization, giving everything from high-level overviews to detailed information on each employee’s credits. Throughout the entire process our technology systems expertly deliver on the promised online solution that has eluded so many in our industry.

Secure Technology Systems

Tax Credit Services (TCS) utilizes the latest in web based technologies to provide our software as a service, providing you and your employees with 24/7 access from anywhere and at anytime. Our web-enabled technology is made up of premier enterprise systems, providing our customers with onsite management of their information in real time screen prints. This suite of sophisticated and powerful information systems is as advanced as it is user-friendly and is housed in a fully redundant SAS70 Type II compliant Tier 1 disaster recovery facility, to ensure your data is secure and protected.

To learn more about how the TCS systems can integrate into your organizations day to day operations, contact us today!