• Federal Tax Credits

    Many incentives are available and can be taken each year a qualified employee worked for your company. This program includes Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), which can provide tax credits from $2,400, $4,800 or $9,600 per qualified employee. To find out how TCS can ensure you're taking advantage of the maximum savings, contact us today.

  • Electronically Signed Form 8850

    Since the release of IRS Announcement 2002-44, TCS automated the Form 8850 application process in anticipation that state workforce agencies (SWA) would allow electronic submission of Form 8850. Our system communicates electronically with the appropriate states to ensure an efficient screening and credit collection process.

  • Mobile-Friendly Screening

    New hires are able to complete our Tax Credit Questionnaire on virtually any device that has internet access. Simply send them a link, let them know your company-specific employer code, and have them answer a few simple yes or no questions. If more information is needed, our system alerts the employee.