Our Services

We offer Federal and State Tax Credit implementation for your company. Our services will boost your bottom line by significantly reducing the amount of Federal and State income taxes that your company will owe each year by ensuring the gain on the maximum available tax credits allowed by law.

Different tax credit programs impact different credits that you might be eligible to receive. Some tax credits even piggy-back onto others giving you automatic eligibility into various programs. We manage our client's tax credit portfolio so that each program is maximized.

So how do we do this? We have developed our own internal technology systems to ensure proper implementation of each of our client's credit opportunity properly. Our best-in-class technology system allows our clients to electronically capture essential tax credit data during the hiring process and allows the ability to track credits throughout the verification process while screening for any additional tax credits that may be relevant to each client.

Click on any of the following credits links to learn more detailed information on specific Tax Credits and how we manage them for our clients:

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