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Louisiana State Tax Credits

The State of Louisiana provides qualified businesses an opportunity to participate in various tax credits and incentives. A very large portion of the state of Louisiana is covered by four Renewal Communities: Central LA, New Orleans, Northern LA and Ouachita Parish. Renewal Communities offer continuous tax benefits for hiring and maintaining the employment of individuals from those local communities. The state also offers a robust Enterprise Zone Program as well as credits that promote the employment of several targeted groups and revitalizes urban areas.

Investment Credits

  • Credit for investment in state-certified motion picture productions
  • Technology commercialization credit
  • New markets credit
  • Sound recording investor credit
  • Angel investor credit
  • Digital interactive media producer credit
  • Brownfield investor
  • Community development
  • Musical, theatrical production

Enterprise Zone Credits

  • Enterprise Zone credit
  • Credit for hiring AFDC recipients
  • Atchafalaya Trace heritage area development zone tax exemption
  • Cane River heritage tax credit

Urban Revitalization Zone Credits

  • Tax exemptions
  • New jobs

Research Credits

  • Louisiana Biomedical Research and Development Park credit
  • Credit for contributions to the dedicated research investment fund
  • University research and development parks credit
  • Research and development credit

Job Creation/Hiring Credits

  • New jobs tax credit
  • Credit for hiring eligible re-entrants
  • Credit for employment of the previously unemployed
  • Credit for employment of first-time drug offenders
  • Quality jobs program credit
  • Credit for employment in a qualified motion picture production

Worker Training/Basic Skills Credits

  • Credit for basic skills training
  • Credit for employer apprentice

Environmental Credits

  • Credit for conversion of vehicles to alternative fuel usage
  • Credit for new recycling manufacturing or process equipment and/or service contracts
  • Credit for purchase and installation of wind or solar energy system

Economic Development Credits

  • Credit for tax equalization
  • Credit for debt issuance costs
  • Credit for mentor-protégé relationship

Historic Property Credits

  • Credit for rehabilitation of historic structures

Capital Investment Credits

  • Capital companies credit

Health Credits

  • Credit for bone marrow donor expense
  • Credit for public works contactors providing subsidized health insurance

Other Credits

  • Credit for purchases from prison industry enhancement (PIE) contractors (prior law)
  • Ad valorem tax credit for offshore vessels
  • Telephone company property credit
  • Neighborhood assistance tax credit
  • Credit for contributions to educational institutions
  • Credit for qualified donations to public elementary and secondary schools
  • Ad valorem tax (inventory) credit
  • Credit for previously unclaimed inventory credit
  • Credit for donations to assist qualified playgrounds
  • Credit for insurance company premium tax
  • Credit for certain refunds issued by a utility
  • Credit for child care expenses